Angeles City, Philippines


Why would I leave Bangkok to get laid!?

by Don Ross

Photography: Dean Barrett

Living in Bangkok and retired for the past seven years has been mostly great, although a number of minor irritations are always at hand.  Like all others in my situation - single, financially ok, retired and living here, I love and enjoy carousing with the lovely Thai ladies. Living in the Sukhumvit area I have easy and regular access to the main venues, Soi Cowboy, Nana, soi 33, Beergarden on soi seven etc. etc.  All of these offer a fun-filled existence.  So, why then leave Bangkok regularly to get laid?

I usually depart BKK every three months for Angeles City in the Philippines.  Many residents have to leave Thailand every two or three months for visa purposes, so rather than do a quick border in and out I decided to go for a total "Change of Pace." What is different in AC (Angeles City) to offer the change--Asian ladies, go go bars, etc. etc.-same same; Yes, but not totally.

The change becomes apparent upon arrival at AC.  Gone is the Bangkok traffic.  Although the town in the fun area is basically a slumlike ambience, the traffic is minimal and all the action is within easy walking distance if you stay at a centrally located hotel on or near Fields Avenue. The women, Filipina ladies to me, in general are more fun than the current crop of Thai ladies. (These are all relating to general averages, with obvious exceptions to every rule). They seem to still have the childlike sense of fun that I find diminishing rapidly in the Thai bar girls.  In a physical sense, most have good sized breasts that are not collapsed like a majority of young Thai girls.  I find them on average more shapely, although Thai girls are usually prettier than the AC girls over all.  As mentioned they seem to be much more flirtatious and joking at present, a real sense of childlike fun. 

The Bar Scene
The Fields Ave area, which adjoins the old Clark Air Force Base, is loaded with go go, all within a five to ten minute walk of each other. The bars are in all sizes and shapes, containing a wide number and astonishing variety of girls.  Some of the major advantages are: If you see a girl on stage you would like to meet, you just wave to her to come down and she will leave the stage and join you.  None of the waiting endlessly for her set to end, which is required in Thai go go's. Buy her a drink and she will remain with you as long as you want, even though her dance group has moved back on stage.  She is not required to leave you to again dance as in Thailand.

If you wish to barfine her and take her out, the fee now ranges from 1000 pesos to 1300 pesos depending on the bar. (Remember the peso is considerably less than the baht to the other currencies). This barfine is split with the girl and basically she will spend short or long time with you for just that barfine.  Most people will give the girl a small tip, 200 or 300 pesos after the deed, and all I have known are very happy with that.

Over many trips and many, many ladies, I have never had one of these girls mention money to me, unlike most of the Thai girls today.  Most of the girls like to spend a lot of time with you.  If you find one that you particularly like you can have a great time "Barhopping" with them, that they love to do.  One other thing about the bars is the way the girls dance. The Filipina ladies seem to enjoy go go much more than the Thais.  In many places they will choreograph their own line dancing steps and it is a kick to watch them having a ball doing it.  Not much of the shuffling and staring into a mirror as in Thailand.  Last thing about the bars, they are open all hours.  One bar, Dollhouse, is open and has girls dancing 24 hours a day.  Most are open until 3, 4 or 5am, and many open early afternoon.  So the entertainment hours have it over Bangkok big time. So in summary, fun ladies, easily and readily available, much less cost and no time restrictions.

There are two areas not mentioned yet.  Up Fields Ave, a short trike ride from the main area is a place called the Perimeter. This also is loaded with go go's and is especially active and fun in the afternoon hours. Prices are even lower than the main Fields area and the action seems to be even raunchier than lower Fields.  Also, going down Santos St., off Fields Ave is famous blow row with BJ bars on each side of the street. This area is changing though due to new hotel construction.

There are some great reasonably priced hotels right in the heart of the bar area.  My favorite is Central Park Hotel.  It has great service, really nice rooms, priced at $25.00 per night and a staff 2nd to none in top notch service.  Other nice ones are Orchid Inn, their new addition, Wild Orchid Inn and New Royal Amsterdam.  New hotels are now under construction.  (But the infrastructure of Angeles is very primitive, not like Bangkok, so don't assume you can buy anything you want or that ATM machines are all over; because they're not.  But leave your Viagra and Cialis at home; those are all over.  Also, although there are direct flights to Angeles City's Clark Airforce Base from places like Korea and Hong Kong, there is none from Thailand.  So you do have to fly to Manila and take a two-hour drive up to Angeles.  However, ask your hotel to send a car and driver which is quite cheap.  They'll pick you up at Manila Airport.)

Old famous standbys Margaritta Station and Kokomos are great places to eat with a never ending crowd of tilacs to enjoy watching.  Sitting "on the rail" at Kokomos watching the ladies walking to work late afternoon is a must.  There are restaurants serving just about any ethnic type food you want in abundance in the Fields area.  There are a number of links you can search to get more particular info re this area, transport, restaurants, individual bars, etc. etc. is one and there are many others i.e.,  Go to, or a message board  So a great change of pace with a great and fun group of girls.  Now you know why I leave BKK to get laid.  :))

(Editor's Note: This article is actually non-fiction, not fiction, but, as it is humorous, it is in this category)

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